Building a Flutter AlertDialog in just 15 minutes

Building a Flutter AlertDialog in just 15 minutes

The AlertDialog is basically a Popup in Flutter. Whenever you want to create a floating box that is centered on the page, you can simply use an AlertDialog. The implementation of the same is very easy and has been provided in-built with Flutter SDK. So, let's dive in… 👻

What you’ll build?

In this tutorial, you’ll build a mobile app featuring an AlertDialog / Popup in Flutter. The AlertDialog will have the following features:

  • Animated loader GIF
  • Customized actions buttons
  • Curved Edges

That’s exactly how our AlertDialog gonna look like

This tutorial focuses on adding an AlertDialog to the Flutter app. Non-relevant concepts and code blocks are glossed over and are provided for you to simply copy and paste.

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Setting up Flutter on your machine

The detailed steps to install Flutter on your personal computer & getting started with Flutter is available in the following blog post

AlertDialog constructor

Downloading Assets

Download the GIF by right-clicking, and saving it as listening.gif at /{%PROJECTROOT%}/assets/images/listening.gif

Credits: Bendt on Pinterest

Importing Assets

Import the GIF to your project by adding the file path to your pubspec.yaml file.

Putting Code in action

Create a file named voicePayDialog.dart in the same directory as of your main.dart file and amend the file with the following code:

To show the AlertDialog / Popup add the following code to onPressed or onTap parameter of any button in your main.dart file:

Remember to import voicePayDialog.dart in main.dart

Building & running the application

  • Connect your Emulator or physical Android device to test the application.
  • Click on Build & Run.
  • And Boooom 🧨, your app is ready to launch.


You have completed this tutorial and have built a Flutter app with an AlertDialog! Also, in the meantime, you integrated GIFs in the App.

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